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The Diments Debut Season
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A Musical Plot With a Dark Twist

The Opera is a dark tragedy about falling from grace into the realms of insanity, and one man’s quest for redemption.

Bike and Demons
Layla - Billy
Storyteller - Dr Opus - Peyote Driver
Barry - Ghost

Infatuation. Insanity. Rock.

Eddie Has It All

Eddie Diment believes he has it all - money, power, a beautiful woman by his side - until the discovery of his wife's infidelity and the murder of his brother turns his world upside down. 

Eddie and Throne.jpg

Layla Wants It All

Layla Diment is flying high. Married to the town’s wealthiest man and keeping a hot young lover on the side, it seems as though nothing can go wrong. That is until her husband Eddie catches her in the act and her lover is murdered. 

Layla and Gun.jpg

Barry Loses It All

Barry Diment was always a rebel at heart. He returns to his hometown for his brother’s wedding where he finally meets the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, he is about to find out that for him, death is only the beginning.

Barry and Ghost.jpg
The Diments Platinum Entertainment Development Workshop
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