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Composer, Lyricist , Producer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Music Director & Session Guitarist

Keshet highlights 2022
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About Keshet

Keshet has produced music and performed in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and of course Australia.

Having been a founding member of a few bands, and a much in demand session guitarist for others, Keshet embarked on a journey as a solo artist, refusing to be tied down by a single music genre.

His art is also represented in the videos that accompany his songs, which he directs himself.

Innovative use of vertical screens, stop motion-animation, 360 degree captures and more, sets Keshet’s work apart from most of his peers.

Keshet is also renowned for his ability to rearrange songs and turn them on their heads.

His knack for creating original covers has resulted in hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Keshet’s wide range of abilities has him working constantly with local artists on music and video productions, designing sound for studio and live scenarios, arranging, serving as a music director, composing, lyricist, session guitar and as a teacher for the next generation of artists of all of the above.


Keshet is most known for his creation of the rock opera The Diments, which along with a fully orchestrated progressive rock album, was launched as a bona-fide theatre show that ended up selling out its 1st run.

Keshet was not only the composer of the 75 minute epic piece, but also wrote the book for the show, directed it, and created the viral marketing campaign that saw The Diments get thousands of followers on social media platforms.

The Diments received critical acclaim not only for Keshet’s music, but for his unique visual style that featured elaborate makeup, regal costumes, and innovative set pieces.

The show and album were completely self-produced and financed by Keshet and as a result of the success of The Diments.


He went on to serve as a guitarist and videographer for Hell Hath no FuryJesus Christ Superstar, Pirates of PenzanceWe Will Rock You, Cats, The Boy from Oz and Priscila Queen of the Desert.


He is currently producing his second opera – The Hollow Cause.

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Located at: Balga 6061 WA

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