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Lessons are tailored to your level and goals, covering: 


✔ Theory 

✔ Scales 

✔ Chords 

✔ Composing Development 

✔ Improvisation Development 

✔ Finding a Personal Sound 

✔ Performance Tips 


My teaching applies a special method that allows the students to play with songs as soon as their second lesson. This makes practice at home more fun, and helps to develop a sense of rhythm as well as an appreciation towards music from day one.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player - we will take it at your own pace and reach your goals together. 


 $35 PER LESSON (30 min ) 




 ANY LEVEL (Beginners - Advanced) 


 Guitar Lessons 

For students with a creative flare, special combined / extended lessons are available:


We will cover:  


✔ Music Production

✔ Arrangement to any instrument (students learn to put their musical visions to paper)

✔ Sound Engineering (recording techniques, mixing, mastering) 

✔ Video Production (pre-production, light design, directing, shooting, editing).


All part of the skillset any modern musician should obtain.


These lessons also benefit music theory, as they require massive use of it, and will help guitar players to have a deeper understanding of how sound works, which will lead to better gear choices  (guitar / amps / pedals) and dialing up a unique sound for their instruments.


In the process of the production lessons, students will get to choose the project they are working on, record, and produce videos that are studio quality.



 $70 PER HOUR 

 (combined lesson) 

production lessons perth

 Production Lessons 

Being a part of Keshet’s student community entitles all students access to special activities [elective] that are FREE OF CHARGE:

                GROUP JAMS are held                         every few weeks where
                students get to meet other students and socialise, jam together, and watch live shows to get more inspiration and broaden their music knowledge and appreciation.
Jams are often captured by video and a HIGHLIGHTS CLIP is released for the students to have a record of their progress and to share with their friends and families.


CHALLENGES  will be given to Advanced

StudentsOnce students complete the challenge we produce a VIDEO CLIP to showcase their talent and progress.

END OF YEAR PROJECT; will be given to Beginner Students. Students 

choose their favorite song and work towards mastering and performing it to the camera. This project helps beginners to push themselves in order to advance, to appreciate how many rehearsals are required to pull off a song live, and is great for those with stage fright, as when performing to the camera they are in a familiar environment, there are multiple takes, and there is no crowd to worry about.

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 Special Activities