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Keshet - Rock Guitar Lessons
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Acoustic Guitar
 Guitar Lessons 

Lessons are tailored to your level and goals, covering: 


✔ Theory 

✔ Scales 

✔ Chords 

✔ Composing Development 

✔ Improvisation Development 

✔ Finding a Personal Sound 

✔ Performance Tips 


My teaching applies a special method that allows the students to play with songs as soon as their second lesson. This makes practice at home more fun, and helps to develop a sense of rhythm as well as an appreciation towards music from day one.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player - we will take it at your own pace and reach your goals together. 

 $40 PER LESSON (30 min ) 

Location: Balga
Sound Equipment
Production Lessons
For students with a creative flare, special combined / extended lessons are available:

We will cover:

✔ Music Production

✔ Arrangement to any instrument (students learn to put their musical visions to paper)

✔ Sound Engineering (recording techniques, mixing, mastering) 

✔ Video Production (pre-production, light design, directing, shooting, editing).


All part of the skillset any modern musician should obtain.


These lessons also benefit music theory, and will help guitar players to have a deeper understanding of how sound works, which will lead to better gear choices  (guitar / amps / pedals) and dialling up a unique sound for their instruments.


In the process of the production lessons, students will get to choose the project they are working on, record, and produce videos that are studio quality.


(combined lesson) 
Filming a Music Video
 Special Activities 
All students may access complimentary special activities.

END OF YEAR PROJECT: will be given to Beginner Students.


Students choose their favourite song and work towards mastering and performing it to the camera. This project helps beginners to push themselves in order to advance, and to appreciate how many rehearsals are required to pull off a song live.

This is great for those with stage fright, as when performing to the camera they are in a familiar environment, there are multiple takes, and there is no crowd to worry about.


CHALLENGES: will be given to Advanced Students.

Once students complete the challenge we produce a VIDEO CLIP to showcase their talent and progress.

About Keshet

I have been teaching since 2009. In that time I have taught hundreds of private students, group classes, as well as worked at schools in multiple countries.


I have a Sound Design and Production Diploma, with vast experience as a guitar player in original as well as cover bands, music director, video producer and sound engineer. I've worked as a stagehand for some of the world's biggest acts, numerous studios and labels, as well as produced songs and clips that were published internationally.


In my guitar/production lessons, I strive to combine all my knowledge into a well-rounded music education program that will give any musician all the required tools to succeed in the modern music world.

I believe there is no one right way to play or create music and encourage my students to find their own path to greatness.


Keshet is a fantastic teacher, guitarist and producer.

I have been taking lessons in music theory and audio production for a couple of years now and it has made a colossal difference to all my musical projects.

He knows a plethora of secret tricks and techniques and is always happy to share them with students.

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Very highly recommended if you are serious about your music."

- Maciej

Since I've started learning with Kesh I have progressed very quickly...

He is knowledgeable, professional and friendly and makes learning guitar fun!

The best thing about him is that he challenges you without overwhelming you.

Every week I look forward to our lesson.

I would highly recommend him to anybody who is serious about learning.

 - Agostino

"Kesh is a gifted musician - you won't find better!

My 10 yr old , began one on one guitar lessons with Kesh when she was just 8 yrs old, and she loves it!

We were truly amazed early on, with her progress, after only being taught by Kesh for a short period of time!

Kesh is always professional, has always made my daughter feel relaxed and comfortable and has done, right from the start.

Keshet is extremely talented & extremely passionate about all areas of music, & I believe this is what makes Keshet a great teacher!

I recommend Kesh to everyone!"

- Cobey

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Located at: Balga 6061 WA

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