Recordings, Performance and Video Production

Our work marathon still goes strong!

In these past few weeks, we have finished recording trombone with Blake Phillips for The Diments Rock Opera album:

And also trumpet with Ricki Malet, which concluded the horn section for the album.

As well as finished recording all violin tracks with Ruth Klien-Cook:

And even started tracking viola!

We also made progress with drummer Dan Tozer, while using the facilities of Northside School of Music:

And tracked some more keys Ash Smithers:

My new band, 40 Degrees, had its debut show, and it was a great success!

On the night, apart from playing lead guitar, I also supervised on sound and video capture. We ended up capturing sound from three different sources, and hired two additional camera operators and had eight cameras rolling! We are working on the edit of the highlight clip now, to be released soon!

Speaking on clips, we have also recently captured the Northside School of Music Talent show. A full day event that will be released on 4 DVDs, each one about 90-120 minutes long!

Apart from the DVDs, we are also compiling a highlight clip, and a snippet of my performance in the talent show (playing an instrumental guitar rendition to Santana’s Maria Maria).

Looking forward for another week of creating art, be is visual or audio based. :)

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