Life Cykel Crowdfunding Campaign - Video Production

We are proud to release a new video production for Life Cykel's crowdfunding campaign.

In this video we had a standard two camera shoot for Julian & Ryan's presentation in two locations (although at the end only one location was used in the edit), as well as some slow motion shoots in Fremantle city.

We also received a lot of additional material shot by Julian & Ryan that included interviews, comments, and infographics, which we proceeded to animate for them.

Life Cykel has really blew our mind with their innovative idea of making mushrooms out of coffee. Their initiative will help recycling and reduce landfill, help local suppliers and to the economy!

If you like coffee and/or mushrooms, check the video to see their plan for opening the first urban mushroom farm in Australia.

#crowdfundingcampaign #videoproduction #videoproductions #videosoundProduction #LifeCykel

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