KAZOOMIES Crowdfunding Campaign - Video Production

I am proud to release a new video production for Chef Nimrod Kazoom’s new restaurant crowd funding campaign.

Our video was shot at the Fremantle Harbor using a two-camera set up. Originally, we had a very limited time to produce the video (a couple of days) and our original shoot ended up suffering from wind noise issues. It was still good enough to help Nimrod impress the Fremantle Council, which gave him a grant to help with the crowd funding campaign. We then did a reshoot of Nimrod’s presentation in a more relaxed atmosphere and produced a video we are very proud of. Nimrod charismatic personality and willingness to do silly things to keep it on the light side were a real asset!

Kazoomies, Chef Nimrod’s restaurant, is groundbreaking in its approach to recycling, conserving energy and reducing waste. Please watch the video to see just how he intends to give back to the community and lead the way in a new relationship between restaurants, suppliers and people in need.

If you dig his ideas, click the link in the video’s description to go to his crowd funding campaign and help him out.

Nimrod did not talk a lot about his food in the video, and I can personally vouch that his food is amazing – a fusion of North African and Spanish food. He makes an amazing Shakshuka and won best chicken parmi of WA.

So, do not look on it as a donation, just buy a meal in advance (as part of the rewards) and help him achieve his dream :)

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