Keshet's Student Jams: Matts Aeolian Jam - Guitar Lessons

I am proud to release a new student jam featuring advance student Matt (62 lessons).

On his fourth challenge, Matt was asked to compose a jam based on the Aeolian scale.

Production students Bill (109 lessons), Ann (120 lessons), Dominic (113 Lessons) & Kevin (73 Lessons), supervised the arrangement, production, mix, master and video edit.

While originally we shot a standard student jam, it was Matt’s sense of humor and idea for an awkward shot that set the tone of the clip, eventually becoming a celebration of all the things you SHOULDN’T do in video, from awkward zooms, to tacky color grades – it is all wonderfully horrible! However, do not let it distract you from his music, which is superb!

#guitarteacherperth #guitarteacher #guitartutorperth #guitarlesons #guitarlessonsperth #guitartutor #keshetworks #adaya #MatthewNota

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