Music Video Clip, Crowdfunding Campaign, Keys & Trombone - Video & Sound Production

Adaya and I had a packed week!

Started with test shots for the upcoming video clip for Sophie Jane’s song “Note to Myself” (which was also mixed and mastered by yours truly).

The clip features a few light scenes that could not come to be without the aid of the wonderful light technician Amanda (and Jess) of Qcumber studios (which is where we shot the clip).

All the prep paid off and we got some stunning footage!

We also got to work on a new clip for Nimrod Kazoom’s crowd funding campaign. It was a race against the clock as we had only 3 days to make it! The clip’s audio suffered from wind noise as it was shot in the harbor on a windy day, but we manage to compensate for it with enough visual appeal and Nimrod ended up getting the O.K. from Fremantle City Council to run with his Campaign, thanks to his wonderful presentation and the way the clip captured it!

Apart from the clip, I have also made progress in the production of my rock opera “The Diments”.

Ash Smithers of Easy Tigers laid Keys for two more songs.

And Blake Phillips have laid trombone for two songs as well!

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