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Keshet always had a vast interest in video production. As a teen, he got a special transfer to a high school that specialised in video classes, due to his enthusiasm and talent. At age 15, he already had an exhibition première at the local cinematheque.


As a late teen Keshet started perusing his other passion – music.  He became an accomplished musician, leading original and cover bands, obtained a diploma in Sound Design and Production, as well as worked at numerous studios, labels and as a stagehand for some of the world biggest acts.


Since 2011, Keshet resumed focusing on his video passion and has been working as a director, DP, camera operator, sound engineer, editor, and light designer. Along with his partner, Adaya, he produced numerous videos both for self promotion as well as for other artists and clients. Featuring his videos, Keshet’s YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of views.


It is Keshet’s deep understanding of the music world that has made him a unique and in-demand video producer. He has the ability to understand what moves us when we hear music and how to express it through video. And, should the video subject be non-related to music, he taps into a natural rhythm that makes for a very pleasing result.

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Along with a few awards for her photographic work, Adaya has successfully achieved a Certificate in Design and an Advanced Diploma in Photography. An exhibition of her artwork has been featured at a few venues in Perth.


Adaya has worked with Keshet on a variety of video productions as a camera operator, assistant editor and colour grader, photographer, graphic designer, design advisor, as well as wardrobe, make-up and set design supervisor.


Her flare for visual and media communications, arts, design, and her appreciation for music, led Adaya to dab in many different areas, gaining a wide range of skills and a flexible aesthetic consciousness.  

About Us Adaya's Bio sound production video productions Video & Sound Production Perth


Pedro began to get involved in video projects in 2012 in Brazil, where he studied audiovisual production.

Inspired by Brazilian cinema, Pedro worked on some documentaries for social projects and worked as a cameraman and video editor in an event company.

In 2014 Pedro moved to Perth and soon began studying Media Screen Television at TAFE to continue his studies.

It was in 2015 that Pedro was first involved in a production project with Keshet, and has since been assiting Keshet with various productions.