LESSONS Testimonials

Here are some things people say...

"I've been having weekly guitar lessons with Kesh for almost 3 years now and can highly recommend him.

The design of his lessons allow you to get playing enjoyable riffs immediately and work to progress skills and knowledge to more complex songs and theory. He pushes each student at a challenging but appropriate pace and his relaxed style is very encouraging at the times when progress feels slow. I look forward to my lessons each week (even on the weeks when I know I haven't practiced enough!)"


"Keshet is an impressive guitarist and an interactive and patient teacher.

The best thing about Keshet Rock Guitar Lessons is that you can learn the music that you love, with a teacher who knows many styles and can set you on the right path."

- Kevin

"Kesh was our son's first guitar teacher and has been mentoring him for just over 2 years now.

Lessons are structured and include working on songs, guitar and music theory and technique development. Our son is now gigging and writing his own really interesting music and does so with so much confidence from the theoretical and practical background Kesh has provided. Moreso, Kesh has become more of a friend and mentor and Mitch has always really enjoyed their time together."


"Excellent guitar teacher with extensive knowledge of the instrument and music.

I tried many different teachers before I discovered Keshet and none have come close to his way of teaching. His relaxed and methodical approach to guitar makes learning exciting and goals reachable."


"Kesh is a great human being, musician and teacher.

My son Isaac loved his guitar lessons and especially the music editing lessons. Keep up the good work!"


"Very knowledgeable teacher and a really nice guy!

After playing and teaching myself guitar for the past 15 years my playing had plateaued and I was bored and frustrated, which i why I wanted to do some lessons. Keshet has taught me more in the past 3 months than I learnt in the 15 years prior. He has tailored the lessons perfectly to my level and interests in Guitar. I wish I started lessons with Keshet years ago!"


"Awesome guitar teacher!

If you are looking for a guitar teacher that is professional, patient, easy going and full of fun, look no further than Keshet! He has helped me develop my playing ability to a level I never believed possible. Keshet is a very talented musician and I feel very fortunate to be his student. I really can't recommend him highly enough!"



"Kesh is a gifted musician - you won't find better!

My 10 yr old , began one on one guitar lessons with Kesh when she was just 8 yrs old, and she loves it! We were truly amazed early on, with her progress , after only being taught by Kesh for a short period of time! Kesh is always professional, has always made my daughter feel relaxed and comfortable and has done, right from the start. Keshet is extremely talented & extremely passionate about all areas of music, & believe this is what makes Keshet a great teacher! I recommend Kesh to everyone!"



"Excellent lessons, great teacher

Keshet's lessons are very well planned and he sets out a clear path for students to progress along. He is very passionate about music and teaching. I had been playing on and off for many years but i have improved massively after 6 months of lessons! I'd highly recommend keshet for lessons both for beginners or for more advanced players."


Dominic Callan.

"Great teacher that goes the extra mile

After 20+ years of playing guitar Keshet completely opened up the fretboard for me within the first month lessons. I have improved as a player more in the past few months of having lessons than I had in two decades of playing with bands and friends. Keshet is keen for students to get the most out of his lessons and has organised jam sessions with groups of students. Keshet thinks outside the box constantly suggesting new music or students to explore and enjoy from a guitar perspective."



"An excellent teacher!

Very professional. Lessons are always planned and well thought out. By helping me to understand the guitar he has quickly improved my technique and ability. Highly recommended!"



"I would highly recommend Keshet to anyone looking for guitar lessons.

I  took guitar lessons with Kesh for around 1.5 years. I thoroughly enjoyed his lessons and liked how he was always pushing me to get better. He provides a great balance between learning the theory/fundamentals with just playing and working on a wide variety of tunes."


"Amazing guitar teacher.

Extremely talented and knowledgeable. I have always been impressed with how patient he is with me. He makes learning very enjoyable and also makes difficult guitar theory appear simple. Best of all he's a great down to earth guy!"